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Yard Sign Leads
Here at FM Brier Creek we allow all associates to participate in a "lead time" schedule where all calls from yard signs become your opportunity to cultivate into a viable lead to add to your Book of Business (B.o.B.)©
Office Location Walk-Ins
The FM Lead Generation Menu
Whether you are a brand new associate or one with years of experience under your belt...the real determining factor for your success may rest solely on your ability to generate good quality personal referral leads. 

Not only will we teach you to "fish" with our business coaching...but we will show you how to stock your own private "ponds"! 

For more information, please call Eddie Brown 919-785-4201 or click on contact us below:
With our office prominently located between Shopping at Brier Creek, 2 Luxury Hotels, and The RDU International Airport we get potential client walk-in traffic almost daily. MAP
FM Realty's consumer website is one of the highest visited real estate websites in the Triangle... our agents prosper from this "web visibility" by receiving referral leads of potential clients looking to buy and/or sell. Agent Showcase
FM Shares in the expense to enhance you presence with the Agent Showcase. This helps to enhance your presence locally using a national known platform .
FM Relocation and Affinity Lead Program
FM "Market Watch"
Agents receive high conversion referrals from leading Triangle Employers contracted through FM Relocation.
You can also receive support to leverage existing personal corporate relationships...and earn compensation on all FM transactions generated.
Company provided automated system which delivers highly customized comparable property activity reports  to help agents keep in touch with potential, current, and past clients.

Business Coaching
Real Estate Training
Here at The Brier Creek Office  we train you on the best real estate practices so your past clients will want to refer you... with the proper coaching and training you will become "referable"!

In the first 12 months every new associate who joins The Brier Creek Office receives over 470 hours of education and coaching allowing you to become more confident in your abilities and better able to serve your clients real estate needs.

In addition... in that same 12 month period... you will have 4 different mentors to shadow and receive first hand knowledge of what makes them successful.

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Buffini Peak Producers
Eddie is one of a small group of Buffini Mentors in the Triangle area. When joining The Brier Creek Office you will have the opportunity, 2 times per year, to join in on a Buffini Peak Producer training class. 

Peak Producer is an intense 12 week real estate specific coaching program...In our office we have seen 200% gains in production from agents who fully participated in the program.

To learn more go to: Brian Buffini

Eddie's Facilitator ID is: 11072464
Eddie Brown - Career Coach